Investigation of the monazite chemical dating technique

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Dating xenotime

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Representing diverse igneous and metamorphic lithologies, these grains yielded conventional isotopic ages ranging in age from Neoarchean to Devonian. Save to Library. Create Alert. Launch Research Feed.

The only reported fission track dating study of monazite was carried out by Shukoljukov and Komarov () who reported ages from two specimens from.

Farley, Kenneth A. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry. ISBN Full text is not posted in this repository. Consult Related URLs below. For example, apatite usually has a few tens of ppm of both U and Th, while monazite and xenotime usually have hundreds of ppm to weight percent levels of these elements. As a consequence, these phosphates can be dated using several fundamentally different isotopic techniques.

Elsewhere in this volume Harrison et al. Dating of minerals using radiogenic He was first explored shortly after the discovery of radioactivity Strutt and was investigated extensively in the s and s, mostly on very U- and Th-rich minerals such as zircon and titanite Hurley , ; Damon and Kulp , Damon and Green Apatite He dating was first investigated by Zeitler et al. Further studies both in the laboratory Lippolt et al.

Monazite and xenotime have only recently come under scrutiny for He geochronology e. Repository Staff Only: item control page. A Caltech Library Service.

(U-Th)/He Dating of Phosphates: Apatite, Monazite, and Xenotime

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called “common” Pb), a number of other U-bearing minerals are amenable to U–​Pb dating (e.g., titanite, apatite, monazite, xenotime, rutile, baddeleyite.

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Monazite geochronology

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Here, we present in situ U–Pb dating of metamorphic monazite within a low-​grade metasedimentary rock in the Nallamalai Fold Belt at the.

Jercinovic University of Massachusetts. Assumption: No non-radiogenic lead in monazite or at least very little. If you can precisely measure U, Th, and Pb in ppm , you can solve this equation iteratively for lead to obtain an age. Map thin section with the microprobe Ce, Fe, Y to find all monazite crystals. See an abstract of Williams et al. This sample is currently used at UMass to test analytical precision. This sample is a sillimanite nodule-quartz-muscovite schist. The outcrop it was taken from is part of a screen of supracrustal rocks intruded by the1.

For further background information, see an abstract of Read et al. The probe data overall are consistent with the isotopic age, but with considerable variability see the data spreadsheet, and the grain maps and images for details.

Electron Microprobe Dating of Monazite

Polygenetic monazite grains in diverse Precambrian crystalline rocks from the Black Hills, South Dakota, have been analyzed in situ by ion and electron microprobe methods SHRIMP and EMP , to evaluate the accuracy and precision of EMP ages determined using a new analytical protocol that incorporates improved background acquisition and interference corrections. The monazite data set includes EMP chemical analyses from 26 grains in six metamorphic rocks, which resolve into 54 age-composition domains, and 31 SHRIMP isotopic ages from 13 grains in one of the rocks, with six grains microanalyzed in common by the two methods.

The data set also includes monazite-bearing garnets in two of the rocks, whose isotopic compositions were analyzed using Pb stepwise-leaching PbSL methods. The EMP data set is interpreted geologically as reflecting multiple episodes of monazite growth that are provisionally related to known metamorphic events in the Black Hills. Open Access.

New constraints from zircon, monazite and uraninite dating on the commencement of sedimentation in the Cuddapah basin, India – Volume Issue 6.

Monazite is a common accessory mineral in various metamorphic and magmatic rocks, and is widely used for U—Pb geochronology. However, linking monazite U—Pb ages with the PT evolution of the rock is not always straightforward. We investigated the behaviour of monazite in a metasedimentary sequence ranging from greenschist facies phyllites into upper amphibolites facies anatectic gneisses, which is exposed in the Eocene Chugach Metamorphic Complex of southern Alaska.

We investigated textures, chemical compositions and U—Pb dates of monazite grains in samples of differing bulk rock composition and metamorphic grade, with particular focus on the relationship between monazite and other REE-bearing minerals such as allanite and xenotime. In the greenschist facies phyllites, detrital and metamorphic allanite is present, whereas monazite is absent. In anatectic gneisses, new low-Y, high-Th monazite Mnz2 crystallised from partial melts, and a third, high-Y, low-Th monazite generation Mnz3 formed during initial cooling and garnet resorption.

This study documents polyphase, complex monazite growth and dissolution during a single, relatively short-lived metamorphic cycle. Monazite is a common accessory mineral in various metamorphic and magmatic rocks, particularly in rocks of felsic compositions, and it is an important LREE carrier e. Corrie and Kohn, ; Spear, ; Spear and Pyle, Monazite incorporates relatively high concentrations of U and Th, has typically low concentrations of common Pb and is highly resistant to diffusive Pb-loss, and is thus well-suited for U—Pb geochronology e.

Harrison et al. However, linking monazite ages with the PT evolution of the host rock is not always straightforward e. Vance et al.

Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

All publications more feeds DOI: BibTeX file. Electron microprobe dating of monazite was performed on enclaves of sapphirine-bearing granulites and their host granites from the southeastern part of the Madurai Block in India.

Abstract: Th-U-Pb dating of monazite confirms the Permian age ±11 Ma of rhyolite tuff in the Northern Gemericum. This rock was a protolith for stratiform.

Hacker, M. Racek, R. Holder, A. Kylander-Clark, K. Schulmann, P. Monazite laser ablation—split-stream inductively coupled plasma—mass spectrometry LASS was used to date monazite in situ in Barrovian-type micaschists of the Moravian zone in the Thaya window, Bohemian Massif. Heterogeneously developed retrograde shear zones S 3 are marked by widespread chloritization, but minor chlorite is present in the studied samples.

Monazite is zoned, showing embayments and sharp boundaries between zones, with low Y in the staurolite zone, high-Y cores and low-Y rims in the kyanite zone, and high-Y cores, a low-Y mantle and a high-Y rim in the sillimanite zone. A systematic increase in heavy rare earth element HREE content with decreasing monazite age from to Ma is correlated with growth on the prograde P—T path; the drop in HREE of monazite at — Ma is assigned to recrystallization.

The presence of chlorite even in the least retrogressed samples witnesses limited external fluid availability on the retrograde P—T path. Migration of this fluid was probably responsible for heterogeneous fluid-assisted recrystallization and resetting of original prograde monazite, even where included in garnet, staurolite or kyanite. The timing of burial in the Thaya window, a deformed part of the underthrust Brunia microcontinent, was coeval with exhumation of granulites and migmatites of the Moldanubian orogenic root at c.

Monazite is extensively used to date metamorphism in medium-grade felsic rocks. For subsolidus metapelites, relations among allanite, xenotime and monazite have been used to infer P—T conditions of monazite formation, and several monazite-forming reactions have been proposed Pyle et al.

The Application of Laser-Ablation Split-Stream ICP Petrochronology

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